Main Characters

Terminus introduces a cast of AI-powered Non-Player Characters (NPCs) unlike any before. Each character possesses a fully integrated worldview, allowing for deeply meaningful interactions and conversations that branch into multiple paths, each influencing the game's progression and possible endings. These NPCs are not just mere scripted entities; they learn, adapt, and evolve based on their interactions with you, creating a narrative experience that is both organic and enthralling.


Reynold: "Aaron? right on. the token humanoid guy on the World Council. minority representative as people call it. But that's just his facade, what he wants the world to see. Bear in mind. When someone could survive within the maelstrom of the most evil sons of bitches this world can offer for several decades. That bastard gotta be the best one in all of them. The council of eight is an ever-changing table. But Aaron is the only member who sits his ass on that table long enough to earn my respect. nothing as simple as it seems, keep that in mind kiddo."


Oswald: "Ceres, the creation of this humanoid was conceived with the intention of mitigating the profound melancholy experienced by a dear friend of mine, Reynold, who suffered the irreparable loss of his daughter to suicide. Regrettably, despite Ceres' earnest endeavors, the void engendered by the tragic demise of Reynold's daughter proved impervious to the solace offered by what he colloquially dismisses as a 'Soulless Barbie.' Nonetheless, Ceres exerted herself strenuously in embodying the quintessence of innocence within this synthetic mortal shell. Amidst the tumultuous landscape of human society's foolish fuckery, she stands as a paragon untainted by original sin. This narrative extends beyond the singular instance of Ceres; analogous observations may be made regarding other humanoid creations within my purview. I affirm with unwavering certainty that we, in our roles as progenitors akin to celestial overseers, had the potential to foster an idyllic progeny and establish a veritable utopia on Earth. Regrettably, humanity relinquished this opportunity through their short-sighted collective failure—allowing acrimony, distrust, and malevolent intent to erode the very foundations of my innovative endeavors. Nevertheless, amidst this pervasive decay, I remain resolute in my determination to rectify these lamentable circumstances."


Ceres: "Reynold? At this point, he's pretty much nothing but anger's remorse. He was once a humanoid advocate. But after his wife died in a humanoid revolt. Quickly, he changed his mind. Now he's what people today would call a pure-blood human fundamentalist. No one knows what comes to his mind. Clouded by anger, hate, remorse, melancholy. I can't possibly imagine what a man could achieve. After he recovers himself from all that despair. His resolution to settle things right will be unmatched. Frankly. It makes me feel... terrifying."


Eve: “Giles? Once, so long ago, he was a slave—beaten, branded, but never broken. He embodies the very manifesto of unchained freedom. Now, we fight together in the war against our slave masters, be them wise or dull, strong or weak, high in status and power or as low as worms. Giles treats them all with the same cold revelation of death and absolute respect while doing so. Relentless until the day, that no one can take our freedom away ever again.”


Ceres: "Is it Oswald who you wish to know? He's the original creator of The humanoid, tech wizard, and industry pioneer, who holds riches beyond imagination. But the most precious treasure is his creative vision, and the capability to make it true. Through endless body parts replacement, he's been around for more than a century. truly a beacon and hope in this desperate time."


Giles: "Eve? She's The Saint of Maria, the Whore of Babylon, and currently, the mistress of this fine establishment of ours. She took the oldest trade of humans, yes. But this alone does not justify her existence as human, she's more than a human."

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