Electric Sheep - The Genesis NFT

The Electric Sheep collection is the genesis NFT collection of Ultiverse. This series encompasses 7000 unique NFTs, with their creation inspired by the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep." This inspiration is deeply intertwined with the concept of digital immortality that the collection seeks to echo. Within the narrative of Electric Sheep, Humanoids are depicted as entities in pursuit of a soul, while Augmented Humans strive for eternal life. This thematic exploration reflects a belief in the potential realization of these concepts within the future landscape of the Ultiverse ecosystem.

As part of our commitment to acknowledge and reward our early supporters, Ultiverse introduces 'ES' (Early Supporter) status for Souls. This whitepaper outlines the exclusive benefits and privileges that come with holding an ES status in the Ultiverse ecosystem.

Special Rights and Incentives for ES Holders

1. $ULTI Token Airdrop

  • Allocation of $ULTI Tokens: A dedicated amount of $ULTI tokens are set aside as rewards, exclusively distributed among Electric Sheep (ES) holders. This gesture recognizes and appreciates the early support and trust placed in the Ultiverse project.

2. Enhanced Utility in Activities

  • Additional Utility Boost: Souls holding ES status will enjoy added utility bonuses in all their activities within the ecosystem. This includes enhanced experiences and benefits in various engagements, further enriching their participation in Ultiverse.

3. Special Booster Factor

  • Boost in Token Rewards: ES Souls are endowed with a special Booster factor. This unique feature significantly increases their ability to earn Token Rewards within the ecosystem. The enhanced Booster factor is a strategic advantage, enabling ES holders to maximize their token accruals more effectively than regular participants.

4. Priority Access to Micro Worlds

  • Priority Access: ES holders will gain special and exclusive privileges in all Micro Worlds. Having priority access provides ES holders with a strategic advantage over other users. They can potentially leverage this early entry to make informed decisions, establish a presence, or gain a head start in activities within the Micro World environment.

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