World Book Creator

The “World Book Creator" is powered by Ultiverse's strategic partner Details can be found at

Besides Ulti-Pilot, for some of the game categories, users will need the world book to improve their official Ulti-Pilot to next level for better story, script needs of the players inside their Micro Worlds.

World Book will includes story lines, characters, world objectives, and core conflicts etc. Imagine a game experience tailored just for each player, where the entire world unfolds iteratively, and Ulti-Pilot influences the story line in real-time. This will be a completely new experience for content-based games.

The Bodhi Protocol not only offers AI-native capabilities but also serves as the cornerstone for integrating various AI functionalities into the ecosystem. In collaboration with our strategic partner,, an innovative AI game engine company, we are actively exploring the integration of AI abilities into world book creation. This initiative involves the development of a comprehensive world book building tool-chain and platform. Further information can be accessed at

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