World Fragment

World Fragment is a unique type of NFT designed to create Micro Worlds within a larger gaming or digital environment. The total supply of World Fragments is fixed, with 7000 of them designated for airdrop to holders of ES (Electric Sheep) tokens. The initial batch of World Fragments will be airdropped to Electric Sheep NFT holders with IDs 3-1003.

Upon receiving a World Fragment, holders can utilize the "World Book Creator" to generate the first batch of Micro World's World Books. These World Books are comprehensive guides for each Micro World, including storylines, characters, world objectives, and core conflicts, among other elements. They serve as the blueprint for each Micro World, outlining its unique narrative and structure.

Each Micro World corresponds to any given Dapp and offers a bespoke gaming or interactive experience. The concept is to provide a tailored experience for each player, where the entire world evolves iteratively. Ulti-pilots influence the storyline in real-time, making each Micro World a dynamic and unique environment. This approach promises a completely new experience for content-based games, where the narrative and world adapt and change based on player interactions and decisions.

In essence, each World Fragment is a key to its own Micro World and its exclusive World Book, offering a unique and personalized adventure that goes beyond traditional gaming, creating a deeply immersive and evolving digital experience.

World Book Creator

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