Bodhi Protocol

Web3 AI Gaming Protocol

The Bodhi Protocol is an innovative protocol that merges Web3 assets with GenAI, specifically designed to foster the growth of the gaming ecosystem. Initially developed by Ultiverse, this protocol plays a crucial role in supporting Ultiverse's expansive gaming ecosystem. Over time, we are opening out Bodhi Protocol for users and developers to adopt for asset definition, leveraging large language models to create an abundance of content within the gaming worlds.

The Bodhi Protocol represents a groundbreaking innovation in the gaming ecosystem, enabling users to create and interact with digital assets and avatars that are deeply personalized. This protocol stands at the intersection of advanced blockchain technology and virtual reality, offering a unique platform for users to express and monetize their digital identities.

It offers two main functionalities:

  • Customization of Ulti-Pilot: Bodhi Protocol allows for detailed and robust customization of AI non-player characters (NPCs). This feature is essential for any game integrating with the Ultiverse, as it enhances the in-game experience with personalized AI NPCs. Users entering the Ultiverse can train their Ulti-Pilots using Web3-related content acquired within the ecosystem. This training imbues the agents with inherent Web3 knowledge and logic, including wallet operations, ensuring a tailored and immersive experience.

The AI-driven Avatar: Ulti-Pilot
  • Creation of AI Micro Worlds: Games that are part of the Ultiverse ecosystem can utilize Bodhi Protocol to create their own AI-driven micro worlds. These micro worlds are interconnected through specific AI NPCs, serving as nodes that link to the larger Ultiverse world. This feature not only allows for expansive and interconnected gaming experiences but also fosters a more dynamic and engaging environment within Ultiverse.

Micro Worlds (DAPPs)

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