Ultiverse SDK

Opportunity for refinement lies in the current blockchain infrastructure, particularly as traditional game projects encounter challenges in transitioning to the Web3 landscape. In response to this, we have developed a sophisticated multi-platform Software Development Kit (SDK) aimed at streamlining the integration process for developers and facilitating a seamless onboarding experience for players engaging with Web3 applications and games. This comprehensive SDK serves as a strategic gateway for developers, enabling the swift incorporation of essential features, including built-in MPC and AA wallets, leaderboards, achievements, and more. Through this approach, we prioritize the creation of a sophisticated and interconnected gaming experience, ensuring a seamless transition into the Web3 ecosystem.

Current Ultiverse SDK features:

User System and Built-in Wallet

In order to encourage more players to explore the world of Web3, we offer multiple ways to create an account. These include social media login, email login, and wallet login. Each account comes with a multi-chain supported wallet. Players who already have a wallet can easily link it as an asset wallet within the ecosystem. This will enable them to fully realize their asset rights and interests within the platform.

Decentralized Identity

The SDK introduces a unified identity for users, ensuring consistent identification across all applications and games. This seamless integration enables instant access to user preferences and histories, customizing services and significantly elevating the overall user experience.

Additionally, Ultiverse offers a solution that allows users to upload a set of photos. These photos will be trained by AI to create a unique model for each user. Users can then quickly generate PFPs based on this model and the templates we provide.


Ultiverse prioritizes social connectivity, allowing players to effortlessly view their friends' game status, rankings, and achievements. This creates a vibrant social network within the gaming community. The feature not only allows players to observe their friends' progress but also encourages them to invite friends to share the excitement of gaming together.

This feature enables applications or games to attain rapid user growth.


The leaderboard feature displays players' rankings in various games, promoting healthy competition. Players can effortlessly share their accomplishments or invite friends for friendly challenges, resulting in an engaging and vibrant atmosphere.


Achievements are significant milestones that commemorate players' triumphs in specific game goals. These achievements add layers of motivation and recognition, making the gaming journey more personal and rewarding.

Continuous Training For AI

Ultiverse is dedicated to incorporating innovative technology like AI into our services. The SDK offers a revolutionary solution for encrypting and storing users' data on the blockchain, ensuring its security. This method also enables continuous training of AI, which can evolve and adapt based on user interactions. As a result, we are able to provide an intelligent and dynamic gaming environment for our users.

The SDK is not fully public at the moment. For more information, please contact contact@ultiverse.io.

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