Technical Overview

Generative AI brings fundamental changes to the perspective of how we look at the Ultiverse ecosystem and how each player will interact with their soul space. We are putting together a technical solution to bring up an AI-native digital universe experience.

Data is Asset

Customized data is the key material to feed generative AI for building an Ulti Pilot, which is a key for your future AI content generation, as you wish. In the meantime, building a customized dataset is also a kind of minting, which we are highly valued and appreciated. Customized data can include various data types, including text databases, images, audio, etc.

Besides privacy, we also believe data is your asset for the future in the Ultiverse ecosystem. In our solution, all your data uploaded for agent building or your interactions with smart contracts of our ecosystem will be encrypted and stored on-chain, associated with your DID. It is your digital asset, which you can use for future exchange or monetization.

After user uploads the personalized data, the AI pipeline will feed the data with the approval from the data owner into a continuous training pipeline and iterate the agent better and better.

Ulti-Pilot Building

As long as the data asset builds out, for better humanity representation, we use the data for both model training and knowledge graph building. After a user uploads the data for his/her pilot building, the data will be processed by our fine-tuned large language model to write natural language critiques to generate a training dataset for a multi-task joint training with DPO enforced

And in the meantime, the data will be indexed and stored in a knowledge base hub for later historical data recall.

This will guarantee both humanity simulation quality and long memory utilization.

Micro World Building

Each Micro World is a individual game. Bodhi protocol is to solving how to connect those Micro Worlds in a generative AI way.

In our definition, Ulti-Pilot is not only for the game players, but also for each Micro World itself. As below graph shows, a player's DID pilot is your representative to transfer between different Micro Worlds, carrying out your information including character, ability, history, and relationships. In another scenario, a game studio which designed a Micro World, can also build an official pilot to communicate with other Micro Worlds and to broadcast/exchange information for better serving the player pilots in your world.

Therefore, Ulti-Pilot is a bridge in Bodhi protocol for both players and Micro Worlds.

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