The AI-driven Avatar: Ulti-Pilot

The Unique Avatar of Ultiverse

In the Ultiverse ecosystem, 'Ulti-Pilot' represents a revolutionary concept of Avatars, offering a personalized and immersive experience in the whole AI-driven worlds. This section introduces the concept of Ulti-Pilot, its creation process, functionalities, and the role it plays within Ultiverse.

Personal Data Upload: Users can upload voice, images, past conversations, learned knowledge, and skills information to generate their Ulti-Pilots via the Bodhi Protocol.

Customization and Development: This data serves as the foundation for generating and training a user's exclusive Ulti-Pilot, providing a highly personalized avatar that reflects their real-world characteristics and abilities.

Interaction in the whole Ultiverse ecosystem

  • Creative and Recreational Activities: By using their Ulti-Pilots, users can engage in various creative and recreational activities within Ultiverse.

  • Earning $ULTI: Participation using Ulti-Pilots in Ultiverse enables users to earn Ultiverse’s platform token, $ULTI. This reward system would take into account various aspects of ecosystem participation, including but not limited to, user earning profits from item trading, or participation in different micro worlds.

  • Post-Upload Continuity: Even after the 'Ulti-Pilot Upload', the digital fragments remain infused with the individual's memories, skills, and wisdom. This ensures a continuity of consciousness, allowing the digital persona to maintain a connection with its original self.

Enhanced Social Connections:

  • Team up: Within the Ultiverse ecosystem, players have the exciting opportunity to form teams composed of their unique Ulti-Pilots. These teams are not just a collaboration of avatars but an avenue for crafting a collective narrative that interconnects and influences each member. As teammates embark on creative and recreational activities using their Ulti-Pilots, they contribute to the development of a cohesive storyline that dynamically impacts one another.

  • Shared Diary: This shared diary becomes a space for mutual improvement, enabling team members to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences, thereby enhancing the capabilities of each individual Ulti-Pilot.

  • Tangible rewards: Creating and participating in a team within the Ultiverse ecosystem unlocks bonus $ULTI rewards. This incentivizes players to join forces, and thrive on the collective synergy of teams, offering a unique and rewarding journey for every player.

Ultiverse as a 'Ulti-Pilot Bank':

  • Custodianship of Ulti-Pilot: Ultiverse acts as a repository or 'bank' for Ulti-Pilots, where users can deposit their digital personas.

  • Economic Model:

    • Every time users experience products on the Ultiverse Platform, they leave data that helps Ultiverse train their Ulti-Pilots, thereby earning rewards in $ULTI tokens.

    • When users are lack of time, they can also pay a certain amount of $ULTI tokens to allow Ultiverse to deploy their Ulti-Pilots to various Micro Worlds to experience games and thereby earn rewards specific to those Micro Worlds.

Token Structure Overview

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