Ultiverse Live

Ultiverse Live stands as the dynamic media division of Ultiverse, serving as a comprehensive media platform tailored for Web3 projects. The primary mission is to amplify the visibility of Web3 projects, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 audiences. Functioning as a centralized information hub, Ultiverse Live offers users streamlined access to a wide range of project details and updates.

The entire Ultiverse Live media matrix boasts a remarkable digital footprint, with over one million followers on X.com in combination, showcasing its extensive reach and influence. Additionally, Ultiverse Live's network is strengthened by collaborations with more than 300 influencers, further extending its outreach and impact in the digital space.

A testament to its industry relevance and expertise, Ultiverse Live has successfully hosted over one thousand Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, featuring key leaders from various industries, as well as prominent projects and companies. This initiative not only underscores its role as an information beacon but also as a facilitator of meaningful dialogues and collaborations within the digital and Web3 communities.

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