Mission Runner

Mission Runner is a quest platform within the Ultiverse ecosystem, created to engage users by offering rewards for completing various tasks. Unlike typical quest platforms, Mission Runner leverages the Bodhi Protocol and Ultiverse SDK to integrate with games within the Ultiverse ecosystem, enabling data synchronization across different Dapps. This functionality allows for tasks that go beyond simple social media engagements, such as following a Twitter account or joining a Discord server. Instead, Mission Runner can validate users' actions within Dapps, tracking their in-game behavior and achievements. This capability makes Mission Runner an effective tool for driving traffic conversion and retaining users within the Ultiverse ecosystem.

By offering more immersive and interactive quests that reflect actual user activity and achievements in various games and applications, Mission Runner provides a richer, more engaging experience. As a result, it has become a pivotal component of Ultiverse, contributing significantly to its growth and vitality. To date, Mission Runner has facilitated the registration of nearly a million user wallets, with numbers steadily increasing, underscoring its success and impact within the Ultiverse.

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